Gennie Mockford MA (Distn) BA(Hons) Reg. MBACP; MNCS MICEEFT. Couples Counsellor and Individual Therapist Oxford

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Counselling Approaches

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
EFT is one of the most researched therapeutic approaches proven to have long term benefits in couple relationships. It integrates experiential, systemic and humanistic models under the umbrella of attachment theory.

The process of EFT focuses on interactions that touch primary human needs and aims to build stronger, emotional bonds. Essentially, we enter into relationships because we love and need each other and the intimate connection a relationship brings is the most important one we will have with anyone. When this connection is broken we’re left distressed, confused and fearful. EFT reverses the destructive effects of established patterns of distress in couple relationships.

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Psychodynamic Counselling or therapy
Psychodynamic counselling has its roots in Sigmund Freud's theories of the conscious and unconscious mind developed in the 1940’s. His studies suggest that our early experiences of emotions, thoughts and behaviours impact on the present and in particular our relationships with people. Psychodynamic therapy has since developed to incorporate other analytical approaches based on the works of Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Melanie Klein.

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