Gennie Mockford MA (Distn) BA(Hons) Reg. MBACP; MNCS MICEEFT. Couples Counsellor and Individual Therapist Oxford

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What Clients have said

"My wife and I had marriage counselling sessions with Gennie over a period of 9 months. Her calm patient approach helped us to communicate better and be more understanding of each other's needs. We started the process process with some trepidation but Gennie was always gentle with us and helped us cope with the emotions that came up. We learned to be kind to each other and ourselves. She is truly inspirational."
A&A Oxfordshire

"Dear Gennie
I just wanted to thank you again for all of your expert help over the last year. I am very thankful that we found somebody with your talent and experience. You have really helped us to come to terms with what happened and to be in a position now to look forward more positively".
S&P Oxfordshire

"Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for your patience and help. I would have to say the counselling was very productive. For both of us, we have learnt new ways to see our faults and how they impact on the other person. So many thanks Gennie. I don't think we will be coming back soon which is a very positive reflection on your skills and professionalism".
G&S Oxfordshire

“We are so glad we found Gennie!
Our marriage had been very unhappy for years & we both thought that this was just the way things were. However when we hit a crisis point earlier this year we both knew we desperately needed help.
We chose Gennie above other Councellors because she looked like she had a kind face and we were right! Gennie was very calm and welcoming, we both felt immediately relaxed and at ease in her presence even on our first visit when we were apprehensive as to what counselling would bring up for us.
Gennie has been very reassuring throughout and never judged either of us.
Through gentle questioning it didn't take Gennie long at all to identify what our problems were and where they really stemmed from. It became apparent very quickly that both of us were carrying burdens from our childhoods that we had never addressed nor understood. These issues had weighed heavily on us over the years and we had unwittingly let them affect our relationship and the way we behaved with each other.
With Gennie’s insightfulness and method of asking us to really think about our feelings and where we felt the pain within us, we have both gained a great understanding of ourselves and each other. It has been like a light being switched on in a very dark tunnel.
We were able to recognise that over the years we had become disconnected, letting the children, stressful jobs and bereavement come between us as a couple.
We are pleased to say that although it has been a long and emotional process we are now very happy, doing lots of things together, having fun, really talking and more importantly listening to each other. In fact our children have noted that we are acting like a couple of teenagers again! So no one ever needs to put up with an unhappy relationship just because they've been together for years. Gennie comes highly recommended by us both!”
J&A Oxfordshire

"Thanks so much for this evening - A and I were saying on the way back what a perfect mixture of empathy, reflectiveness, perceptiveness and calmness you are. So, so glad we found you!"
A & A Oxford

"Thank you Gen for supporting myself and my partner with partner counselling. We both realised we had an issue surrounding trust that needed to be resolved with kindness and care. With your support this was achieved. I would highly recommend you as an outstanding counsellor who is able to guide her clients into the reasons why the issues are there. And from there resolve those".
N & C Oxford

"What you did: if feels like you untangled the knots I'd got into in my mind; you guided me through a very complex and deeply painful series of my personal issues, without judging or choosing for me but by getting me to understand what had happened to me and what effect this had caused and was causing on my mind and body. Might sound simple but after 20 years in my adult life, I had been unable to do the same by myself. An independent, impartial, trained party such as yourself was absolutely necessary. Lastly, your attitude was kind, yet motivated towards moving forwards and you were incredibly patient, working at my speed. I'd often kidded myself that I could get by without any help, which simply led to years (literally, years) of misery. I desperately needed outside help. A tough realisation and even harder to execute but I am now free. A priceless feeling".
BS Oxford

"I/we felt comfortable very quickly with Gennie as she has a very calm, serene way about her. She worked us out as individuals in a very short space of time and neither of us felt as if she was siding with one of us (which has happened in past experiences with counselling). She spent time talking to both of us and was always sensitive to our needs as individuals.
"When I first went to Gennie, I wanted to leave my husband and had no intention of ever going on holiday with him ever again. We have recently had the BEST holiday we have ever had as a family - thanks to Gennie's patience and supportive counselling sessions. I am looking forward to the rest of my life now with renewed enthusiasm".
LC Chalgrove

"We approached Gennie for help after 20 years of marriage when we were struggling to communicate and on the verge of separation. Gennie's calming approach helped defuse the tension and taught us to listen again. By revisiting past events and gaining a new perspective we saw it through each others eyes and began to see that we both needed to make changes. We learnt to change our reactions and most importantly to respect and listen to each other. I would strongly recommend Gennie for her experience, insight and calming approach. She managed to make an uncomfortable situation feel comfortable."
BC Horspath

"I would like to thank you for spending time with me these past few months. Professional element aside, I genuinely enjoyed your company. It was clear from the beginning that you see counselling not simply as a job but as a way to help people because you care about the well-being of others.
"Our work together has helped me in several ways. Firstly, I got a much deeper understanding of where my issues come from. For many years I was going through the motions, repeating the same patterns and mistakes and you helped me to see why this was happening. Secondly, you helped me to understand that I have a right to feel sad or angry or bitter - something I didn't previously allow myself. Third, you helped me understand my relationships and why I had trouble forming deep connections. Altogether, I have a much clearer picture of my mental state and what I need to work on.
"Working through my issues with you was not easy. It brought to the surface a lot of pain that I've been suppressing for many years. It's still work in progress. But for the first time, thanks to your constant support, I feel like there's hope for me to live a full, pain-free life and you've given me the insight and tools to get there."
KO Oxford

"We went to see Gennie after with our marriage was on the verge of ending. I have never been one to speak openly to people or to see the value for anyone in seeing a counsellor and went with the intentions, that this may help to keep our marriage together, thinking this would all focus on what I had done and how we could manage that situation. I couldn’t have been more wrong than just those limited expectations of our time with Gennie.
"She had a superb way of working that managed to bring out the underlying causes without apportioning blame or taking sides and making us both feel involved. She helped work over issues I didn’t realise that I had starting from childhood to now. Somedays we used to walk into the meetings and think that we had nothing left to discuss but she always managed to ask the right, sensitive, questions to help us through our journey.
"I have now recommended Gennie to numerous people as I have found her expertise nothing but a beneficial and rewarding experience. People have asked me what did we do at these meetings, it’s difficult to explain what happens but whatever it is, it works.
"There were difficult moments, there were hugs & tears, there was even laughter at good memories, but most importantly of all we left being a stronger couple, rekindling the love and friendship with my wife and looking forward to working at a long and happy life together. This has personally changed me with how I deal with my own issues and deal with others and how I relate to my family and friends. I can’t thank Gennie enough for helping to save me from the person I had become".
WD Chearsley

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