Gennie Mockford MA (Distn) BA(Hons) Reg. MBACP; MNCS MICEEFT. Couples Counsellor and Individual Therapist Oxford

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Relationship Couple, Marriage Counselling

The therapeutic approach, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), has a high success rate in bringing about positive relationship change. Couples get caught in a negative cycle of interactions - established over time and difficult to resolve. You try to communicate but …..

• your relationship is “distant” and you cannot reach each other?
• you avoid conversations about difficult subjects to prevent arguments?
• your arguments seem to go around in a cycle that goes nowhere?
• conflict and arguments leave you feeling hurt, angry, resentful and very alone in the relationship?
• you feel unhappy because you are not understood or cared about?
• you’ve been hurt in the past and unable to forgive – an affair maybe?

Is this familiar?

I know how hard it is for you and I also know I can help you get your relationship out of the negative cycle into a positive one that’s emotionally and physically fulfilling. We will focus on the outcomes you each want and work together to understand your relationship – the themes in your experience or story that you may not be fully aware of yourself and the content and meaning to each of you. I will help you find new, un-imagined ways of looking at or experiencing difficult emotions, relationships and situations for a healthier relationship and a better life.

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